Who do you work with?

Everyone! Any gender, young, middle, young at heart (or old at heart! You do you.), LGBTQIA+, democrats, republicans, aliens…. I only ask that you come to me with an open mind and heart—and that you speak enough English for this poor monolinguist.

What platforms do you work on?

All of ‘em. You name it, I’ve worked on it.  

I haven’t heard from you even though I submitted a signup form—what gives?

I’m currently a one-woman operation, and I don’t want to disappoint anyone who’s been gracious enough to have already paid for my services. If you’ve submitted a form, I’ll get to you as soon as I can—promise!

i’m dating on more than one site. will you write both profiles?

Yep! Though there is an additional fee. If you’re interested in this, let me know after I email you—and before you pay.

I still suck at messaging. Do you help with that, too?

I won’t write messages for you, but you can glean a lot from different articles and interviews I’ve done over the years—as well as from my book! I’m also working on a page that will give you a few basics to get started, so check back soon.

How are interviews conducted?

All via email—this is online dating after all. Not only does this put an end to scheduling conflicts, but it also allows me to get a better sense of the way that you communicate through writing (since that’s how you communicating on your dating platform, it’s perfect!).

How exactly does the start-from-scratch work?

First, I send you a short, generic getting-to-know-you interview that should only take a few minutes to fill out. Next, using your answers from that first interview, I send you a longer personalized, in-depth interview wherein I have you pour your heart out (to your comfort level, of course). Fair warning: it takes some time and thought on your part!

Then, with all of those answers in my arsenal, I put together an online dating profile that’s reflective of the real you. If I’ve done my job, it will still sound like you—just a slightly more polished version. And then, of course, I take care of your photos.

How do we share photos for my profile? 

We can connect on Facebook (don’t worry—it doesn’t scream “THIS PERSON IS ONLINE DATING!'” and you can unfriend me when it’s over) and/or you can send me a gallery of photos of yourself using Dropbox or Google!

Your site was down for a while—what happened?

Honestly, I needed a break. It’s not easy being your own boss! That being said, it’s great to be back helping people find love.

What’s your deal with social media?

In a lot of companies, there are people whose entire job is social media. Since running this site is my entire job, I just don’t have it in me to keep up with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat...oof, I’m tired just typing them. Email is always the best way to get in touch, and I will occasionally send out a message on one platform or another—just don’t count on it.

I was (or tried to be) a client and need to talk to you.

Email me! Let me know your circumstances, and I’m more than happy to chat.

Can I call you?

With very few exceptions, email is the best way for us to communicate (unless you’re a member of the press!).

if i didn’t answer your question here—you guessed it—email me! lisa[@]profilepolish.com